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Product Listing

Create and maintain Unified Stock Keeping unit(SKU) , with multi language description, category, brand, barcode and other details for trading item and service product.


Manage the complete purchase to payment process, with less cost and complexity. Our solution lets you make the best possible procurement decisions by helping you better understand your purchase needs, select the best suppliers to maximize savings and profitability.

Inventory Control

Simplify your inventory control processes with flexible item management, easy documentation, quality traceability, and smart replenishment to balance supply and demand. Optimize stocking levels between multiple locations


Create POS customer order & invoice in few clicks to save time and satisfy customers, create and manage credit customer data. Advanced invoicing option for credit and corporate invoicing.

Accounts & Finance

Includes a reliable accounting module with powerful and all-encompassing financial management tools to rationalize your financial views for each business unit. Eliminates the need to keep spreadsheets and paper files and go ahead with your business

Finance Reports

Generates Financial statements with IFRS to provide business information such as Customer Statement, Customer Ledger Ageing Report, Supplier Statement, Tax Return filing report, General Ledger report, Trial Balance report, P/L Income Statement report, Balance Sheet Report.

Analytic Reports

Reports & Analytics module provides business level interactive personalized reports of Sales, stock & Index to analyze and project for future trend needs. Data from different modules make predictive insights, to implement relevant strategies and help you gain futuristic results.

Admin Control

User management module allows you to create Admin, users for employees to setup rules and limits to approve documents and process transactions to track and control smooth business operations.

Shift Management

Eliminates the need for tedious manual time and process tracking and helps your business improve overall productivity. create and customize shift rotation based on company scheduling structure.

Barcode Management

You can use vendor bar-codes or generate your own customized bar-codes from the system. These can be used for creating quick invoices, avoid mistake and mismatch of inventory and eases tallying physical inventory.

Multi Location

Facilitates centralized view of the data of multiple entities operating under the same name in various locations. It helps in analyzing inventory, receivables, payable, financial status of the companies without having to synchronize data or merge from different reports.

Cloud Database

Access the business at any time from anywhere by integrating the database on Microsoft Azure SQL database.

Order Management

The tracking of orders from inception to fulfillment and managing the people, processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its lifecycle. Easily prevent double booking, overflow and serving capacity issues so service runs smoothly each and every time

Ingredeints Management

Addresses the management of ingredients and raw materials from receiving into production, and the management of intermediate and finished goods products from production to serving.


Aims to make the processes more cost efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. Accomplishes trending sales inventory level for monitoring and re ordering, scheduled email alert for on time reporting and scheduled data backup for business security.

Hardware Integration

Integrating weighing scale, barcode scanner, barcode printer, thermal printer, cash drawer etc. to make a single usable system in order to save time, improve accuracy and provide more comprehensive information.

Serial Tracking

Capture the product unique serial numbers from supply chain to warehouse, storage to customer delivery. Journey of Inventory helps for warranty claims and validity of product

BOQ Management

BOQs help project developers in getting detailed quotes for project requirements. Track BOQ with supply for lowering logistical and equipment costs.

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