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VATRIX ERP & POS software is your one-stop solution for managing procurement, sales, Inventory, accounts & finance. It supplies a 360 level holistic sight and monitoring of transaction data. Our customizable local or cloud-based remedy works through the total business life cycle, right from procurement to sales by performance analysis, order management, sales management, settlement management, procurement management, barcode management, inventory management, document management, finance management, user management and also several other features that can be included to help deliver concrete advantages for your business. Whether you are big organization, small company or a start-up, our system will certainly incorporate extensive energy and also automate your company’s business monitoring processes. It will foster performance with a selection of components, specially curated to assist your organization.


Minimize human intervention in your business documentation, reporting process and proffer time-saving and cost- effective procedures with our digitized solution. VatrixPOS & ERP provides facile solutions packed in a virtual system to perform tiring work of the Business process quick and easy. With the integration of modern technologies, it drives scalability with utmost smoothness and is the next generation tool for all your Business needs.

Access anytime, anywhere

Vatrix ERP & POS fosters compliance-based real time management of your data. Our cloud-based solution provides flexibility to businesses in managing real-time data. Employers can easily access the centralized transaction records and make updates from anywhere safely and securely from an interactive cloud based windows application instead of going through the traditional time consuming and error prone manual process.

Why Choose Us?

Integration of Best Technologies

VATRIX ERP & POS integrates advanced technologies with Local or Cloud based Sql Server Database and .Net technology . Cloud integration with robust data security will safeguard from any security threats & vulnerabilities & protect your data. Escalated compatibility will enable you to function over different devices and operating systems.

No Hidden-Charges

We adopt a simple licensing model at affordable cost and no hidden charges.

Global Visibility

If your business is spread across different regions and requires a remote management system to handle all the operations, Vatrix ERP & POS is at your service. No matter how many teams or locations your business is spread across, our cloud solution can integrate everything and make it easily manageable for you.

Work-Life Balance

The cost of living your dream is certainly high. When you think of doing something you love, you have to share an abundance of responsibilities that comes with it. Vatrix POS & ERP allows you to completely focus on your core business and leave the Business functions for the system. We ensure you get the perfect work-life balance with our ERP & POS software.

Informed Business Decisions

Each module in the software helps you get various reports in order to make informed decisions in your organization. The data-centric analytical system examines and evaluates business transactions, document processes and various other processes to help you understand the loopholes and further rectify them.



Create POS customer order & invoice in few clicks to save time and satisfy customers, create and manage credit customer data. Advanced invoicing option for credit and corporate invoicing.


Manage the complete purchase to payment process, with less cost and complexity. Our solution lets you make the best possible procurement decisions by helping you better understand your purchase needs, select the best suppliers to maximize savings and profitability.

Inventory Control

Simplify your inventory control processes with flexible item management, easy documentation, quality traceability, and smart replenishment to balance supply and demand. Optimize stocking levels between multiple locations

Order Management

The tracking of orders from inception to fulfillment and managing the people, processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its lifecycle. Easily prevent double booking, overflow and serving capacity issues so service runs smoothly each and every time

Analytic Reports

Reports & Analytics module provides business level interactive personalized reports of Sales, stock & Index to analyze and project for future trend needs. Data from different modules make predictive insights, to implement relevant strategies and help you gain futuristic results.

Finance Reports

Generates Financial statements with IFRS to provide business information such as Customer Statement, Customer Ledger Ageing Report, Supplier Statement, Tax Return filing report, General Ledger report, Trial Balance report, P/L Income Statement report, Balance Sheet Report

Multi Location

Facilitates centralized view of the data of multiple entities operating under the same name in various locations. It helps in analyzing inventory, receivables, payable, financial status of the companies without having to synchronize data or merge from different reports.

Shift Management

Eliminates the need for tedious manual time and process tracking and helps your business improve overall productivity. create and customize shift rotation based on company scheduling structure.


Aims to make the processes more cost efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. Accomplishes trending sales inventory level for monitoring and re ordering, scheduled email alert for on time reporting and scheduled data backup for business security.

Retail - POS Solution

All type of Retail Trading, Computer & Mobile Trading, Accessories Trading, Electronics, Electricals, Garments, Textiles, Jewellery, Building Materials, Furniture, Machinery, Spare parts Trading, Gift Items Trading, Stationery, Food Stuff, Grocery, Supermarket, Laundry, Saloon, Boutique and more.

Restaurant POS Solution

Cafe, Cafeteria, Restaurants, Ice Cream Shop, Juice shop and more.

ERP Solution

All type of trading and Wholesale Business, Service, Construction and Project Business.